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Melson Simbrah is relatively new to the breed—but we have established our foundation with some of the proven genetics on both sides of the breeding equation and with a strong emphasis on lines of females that have generations of predictability, profitability and potential. We have been equally as diligent about our sire lines and have chosen individuals with strong, performance oriented resumes.

We are utilizing AI and our senior herd sires are chosen from the top performing genetics of Smith Genetics.  We have concentrated our base selections on cattle from the Smith Genetics program and we are building our program on that proven maternal base, while adding cutting edge genetics.

We invite your inquiries and your visit to view our growing Simbrah program.

SMITH BAR CB BUZZWORTHY 123J – Now at work in our program. He is a polled, purebred, black son of Smith Just Because and out of Smith Marked Spirit 123D. He ranks in the top 10% of the breed for both API and TI. And he’s strong in CE with a top 4% ranking, a top 10% BW and a top 3% MCE. Plus note his power, depth of body and strong hip with that eye catching baldy face.
SMITH A. R. C. CHOSEN ONE 032G-His dam is Smith Paul Smiling Times, who was the 2019 National and International Champion Female, and 2019 Superbowl Reserve Grand Champion for Cody Labry. He is sired by Smith DRFF Established. Chosen One ranks in the top 15% for API and TI, with a top 10% ranking for calving ease. We are selling 30 units of semen for $1,000. Contact Mark for details.
SMITH DESIGNATED HITTER 71F – We just added this powerhouse sire to our lineup and we are excited about what he brings to the playing field He is sired by a Dream On Son, out of Smith JCC Accesorized, a Smith Satisfies daughter that traces back to Smith Nu Wave II and the great Oprah, maternally. He is polled and his EPD tabulation has him in the top 25% of the breed for weaning weight, API and TI. Plus, he’s in the top 10% for calving ease, birth weight, and maternal calving ease.
BELLA BELLA COW FAMILY – Look at Smith 327 Bella Elizabeth 327K, a daughter of Smith Practical and out of Smith Donatella, a Smith Bella Bella daughter. 327K is a ¾ SM x ¼ BR and ranks in the top 10% of the breed for TI.
ELEANOR/AVA COW FAMILY-Look at this Smith CRC Lubbock x Smith Isgrig Eleanor daughter. She has lots of genetic power –smooth shoulder, long body and desired overall design. She is bred to Smith Just Because and we are excited to have her in the herd.
SMITH MCCRARY LINDA-This is a McCrary Smith Inspired daughter. She excels in maternal traits with high fertility, ideal udder shape and lots of femininity. She has a heifer calf sired by Smith 7N Bourbon Man that will really make you appreciate this cow and she’s bred to Smith Just Because.
SMITH GO GO GIRL 40F-We just love a baldy and this one catches everyone’s eye. She’s a daughter of Smith Have No Fear and carries Smith Isgrig Charismatic in her maternal lineage. She’s a polled three-quarter Simbrah, so she gives us options. She is bred to Smith RFI Incredible Ian, who is a Smith Nu Approach x RFI Debutante bred bull.
RJFF MISS RENDEZVOUS-This is a fancy daughter of Smith DRFF Established and carries Smith Isgrig Charismatic in her maternal tabulation—we are a huge believer in the Ava/Eleanor Cow Family, of which Charismatic is a member. This little lady has a perfect set of feet and legs and is loaded in the center part of her body. We are expecting great things from this youngster as she matures.
ELEANOR COW FAMILY-This Smith Nu Wave II x Smith Isgrig Eleanor daughter is now at work in our herd. She is a full sister to the great sire and one of the highest EPD ranking sires ever in the breed, Smith Isgrig Charismatic. She has a heifer calf by Smith Just Because, the 2018 National Reserve Champion Percentage Bull.
ELEANOR COW FAMILY-A granddaughter of Smith Nu Approach and the great Eleanor Cow herself. She has very desirable EPDs—including a top10% ranking for calving ease, 3% for weaning and 10% for yearling.
VIVVY-We’re head over heels about this young, polled female. She’s a daughter of Smith Born To Dare—in fact, she is one of his first progeny. She carries Evan breeding maternally and is cool fronted, long-bodied and complete.
LILAC-An eye-catching percentage female, carrying Matt and Nu Wave II breeding. She ranks in the top5% of the breed for API and 2% for TI.
TINKERBELL COW FAMILY-This is a three-quarter female now at work at Melson Simbrah. She’s a product of Smith Matt N Black and RFI Tinkerbell. She ranks in the top 5% of the breed for API and 1% for TI.
257Y – A daughter of Smith Hide N Seek, which makes her a granddaughter of Smith Nu Approach. On the bottom side of the pedigree, she has the maternal powerhouse sire, Sargeant in her tabulation.
121Z – A daughter of Smith Isgrig Charismatic with great calving ease and birth weight numbers, plus she ranks high for weaning, yearling and maternal calving ease.
SMITH PURE DIAMOND COW FAMILY – We have a member of this Cow Family, which includes the maternal powerhouse breeding of NF Smith Sargeant. 10Y is the daughter we have working in our herd and she is sired by Smith Nu Wave II. This family has quite an impressive list of members including Smith RFI Hidden Jewel, 2014 ASA National Champion Female for Kaleb Fontenot and Smith TMP Red Jewel, the 2015 International Grand Champion Bull. Other members include Smith Nu Tiffany Diamond, a very successful show heifer and Smith Full Karat. Both of these females are donors and are sired by Smith Nu Approach. Smith RFI Hidden Jewel pictured—a valued member of the Pure Diamond Cow Family.
SMITH SATISFIES – We have selected a number of his daughters for the nucleus of our herd. This sire has produced winners in all areas—show ring, performance test and in the pasture. He continues to be a high ranking EPD sire and his daughters are adding to his values daily.
SMITH JUST BECAUSE – Sired by Smith Stout N Black and from the Diva (Oprah) Cow Family. Talk about a pedigree with proven members—the Oprah Cow Family has Diva, Rita, Moose, Dream Girl, Blackfoot, Diamond Diva, Just a Diva (dam to Just Because), O Eve, and O Wave. He is part of our AI sire lineup.
SMITH SECRET TO SUCCESS – A Smith McCrary Fireball son, which gives us the genetics of the Smith Priceless Cow Family, which is one of the most, if not the most proven cow in the breed and one of the highest valued. We are adding Secret To Success to our herd through AI.